GEM Clubmans Car




Year: 2008

They were designed to run in the Sports 1600 (Cup) class of the BARC Clubman’s Championship. The cars are high down force with slicks & wings with a sealed 1600cc MG K series engine 130bhp which will run for many seasons without a rebuild. This championship mainly runs with one qualifying session and 3 races in a weekend making it one of the best “Bang for Bucks” race series. (49.2 sec around Brands Indy)

Designed and built by Lifetime Racing. The engine is relatively new and sealed. These cars are of a very advanced design for amateur racers with pushrod suspension front & Rear and advanced “Matched Shock absorbers”.
This is also a fast car and was up to 2nd position on its last race.
1) Sealed MG 1600cc engine, dry sump
2) Quaife straight cut gearbox synchro all aluminium casings
3) Dynamic double adjustable shock absorbers
4) Pi dash and GPS data logger including software
5) Fuel Bag/tank
6) AP race brakes
7) Carbon rear wing
8) Centre lock wheels 8” fr 10” rear (wets & slicks)
9) Sierra Diffs (3.6 & 3.9)
10) Long rear bodywork
11) Spare nose

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